Friday, December 21, 2012

Please Contact Mike Devloo for 2013 Action Escape Tours and Scheduling.
Chalie tames the wild ponies on the Ranch in the San Luis Valley
2013 Tours Will begin in May and go through September.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Action Escape- Colorado Adventure Escapes!

Intro to Action Escape: Custom tailored high class 3-6 day fantasy escapes in Colorado.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Intro Promo for 'Escape to New Mexico' See Trip details below

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Escape to New Mexico 2012 Summer Escape, Colorado USA

Escape to New Mexico

Ever wanted to be a hero, a villain, or a wild West outlaw!  Here's your chance at a fantasy adventure of a lifetime.  Get your group of your best and wildest friends together for a unique fantasy adventure in the Mountains of Southern Colorado this Summer

Proposed itinerary for 5-day 4 night fantasy adventure. (Note trip can be adjusted to 4 days per client request.)
This is fantastic fantasy vacation like none other designed to promote adventure, camaraderie, and keep you guessing!

The Fantasy scenario!
You and 4 friends arrive in Denver, or Colorado Springs and meet for lunch at an outdoor café.  One of your friends has some incredible news and they need your help and secrecy. One of your friends has amazingly stolen the Queen’s jewels in a slide of hand maneuver and is on the escape.  However you are in hot pursuit. Your friend needs your help to get to the New Mexico border, where the precious jewels can be handed over to his accomplice.

 Proposed itinerary:

Day 1:

Before your lunchtime discussion is over on what to do, you are chased out of the café by hired goons, that seek to take back the jewels and destroy all of you.  Your team of five is on the run, literally.  You run down the street and jump into a van that waits for you. Narrowly avoiding capture! The driver, now part of your team, takes you out of town and explains the scenario of your escape. She explains that in order to evade capture, your team must cross over a remote mountain range by trail and continue heading south once on the other side.  You must take two days to cross in order to successfully evade your captors, before continuing South in vehicles towards the New Mexico border.

That evening, you are dropped off with a trail Guide, backpacks and supplies for two days.  The guide helps you find your way and camp where your won’t be discovered.

Day 2:

Your team of six banditos continues the trek up over the ridge to the West. Best to spend the afternoon laying low and enjoying the mountain scenery, for tomorrow we are back on the escape.

Day 3:
Your team finishes the trail and arrives at a vehicle in the morning. Your driver informs you that the chase back on!  The goons know you're in Southern Colorado headed for New Mexico and they're on the lookout to cut you off.  The driver takes you to a secret high desert campsite to avoid capture.  Here you may try out mountain bikes or even horses that may assist you in your final leg to New Mexico. 

Day 4:

You jump in the Van and continue southward towards the border.  A text from your allies tells you that the goons have secured every road into New Mexico and are waiting for you to cross the border.  You must cross into New Mexico off-road.  Either by foot or bike or horseback along the high desert sage.  Or by water…

You and your group either make it, get captured, or get turned around by the elements.  If you are able to across the New Mexico border, you can safely hand over the jewels to your New Mexican ally and rid yourself of the stress the jewels have caused. 

Your driver will take you back to southern Colorado where amongst the wild horses and coyotes you will celebrate your last night. Bonfire, Music, Barbecue, etc.

Day 5:

You will enjoy a leisurely morning.  Possibly a short hike, bike ride etc. Then the ride van back to Denver or Colorado Springs.  On the way back, you will get to stop to bathe and freshen up at one of Southern Colorado's finest Hot Springs pools.

This is sure to be an epic adventure trip that the five of you will remember forever.

To help you fully and remember this amazing fantasy adventure, we will be filming!
All aspects of the adventure including the excitement of being chased out of the restaurant by goons, crossing the Rockies, escape and evasion in the Van, and crossing into New Mexico will be captured on handheld HD cameras.  An 8 to 15 minute I-movie will be edited and produced for the team.  The movie will include music, captions, and clip editing.

This is intended to be an all-inclusive high class adventure trip.  Myself and other guides are college educated, rational, reasonable, wilderness experts.  I Myself have over 12 years expierence in a multi-sport trips in Southern Colorado.  This trip is the first of its kind anywhere! The guides and even hired ‘goons’, are there to safely get you to New Mexico and back and ensure you have a great time, while keeping the mystery and fantasy of the trip alive.  With any Colorado outdoor adventure, everything you do, you must do at your own risk.  Because this is a high class trip, we will spare no expense to keep you safe and thoroughly entertained, and cared for in the backcountry.  There'll be at least 5 guides or support staff for the five clients the whole five days.  Also because this is a high class trip, extra care will be taken to ensure smooth transitions and minimal waiting around on all aspects.

The following is a summary of resources We have and intend to use in this All-Inclusive trip:

    • 1 seven passenger deluxe minivan with driver (The Escapee’s)
    • 1 additional vehicle for guides and support staff. (The Goons in Pursuit!)
    • Secret off-grid great high desert campsite, property of Mike Devloo
    •    2-3 digital HD cameras
    • Cell phones and two-way radios 
    • Macbook with i-movie video editing software
    • Camping and backcountry cooking gear
    • Musicians and instruments
    • Of course The precious stolen ‘jewels’
    • All necessary safety equipment

The following are resources that we have access to and we may or may not use for the trip pending client interests and preferences.

  •             Mountain bikes
  •             Horses
  •             12 foot white water raft with paddles and gear
  •             Small Aircraft with Pilot
The trip includes all meals and expenses, from lunch on day one to lunch on day five.  Food provided will be of high quality.  Expect significantly better than the typical backcountry fare.  We can take special food needs into consideration.  Alcoholic beverages will be provided on nights 3 and 4 of the trip.  All parks fees, permits, camping fees, hot springs fees also included.           All Vehicles and gas for vehicles included.
In addition we will include as several great surprises along the course of the journey that will surely make for a more exciting and awesome trip.  Possible Surprises in “Escape to New Mexico” can be, but not limited to Cowboys, Musicians, fireside entertainment, and more Brazilian girls!

Client requirements: 
Foremost, a positive attitude and believe in the fantasy adventure!
Must be physically fit, and able to spend 5 full days active in the high UV Colorado Sun.
Must be comfortable with primitive camping in the wilderness with no facilities.
Each Should have a Backpacking backpacks, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, tent(or shared tent), swimsuit, long underwear, light jacket, pants and basic personal items.  All knives and cooking gear can be provided, to allow clients not to have to check bags on their airline.  Backpacking gear may be rented if needed.
No weapons are allowed on either side for the fantasy role-playing!

Estimated trip cost for proposed itinerary:                    
$1550 per person for all-inclusive 5 day trip

Discounts may be given for trips Booked prior to June 1, 2012 

Price includes HD movie of your adventure

Please Contact Mike Devloo with interest in this 'First of it's Kind' Adventure!